Thursday, January 21, 2010

Enjoying......the dust

Just a few more days.. then hopefully I won't hear the sounds of drills and hamers anymore...I won't find any dust anymore.. just a few more days... I hope. It drives me crazy, even our dog is sneezing !! Well, the good thing is that i am really looking forward on our new kitchen, and to be able to cook a real diner LoL again. Another great thing is that my youngest son is going to be 8 years old tomorow. It only feels like yesterday when he was born, 9 weeks to early. His weight was 1340 gr, and he was only 40 cm. He was really a tiny baby..

and this picture is taken a week or 2 ago..what a difference !!
He really made up for it he is now 127cm and 21 kg. So he is turning into a big boy. Gosh I miss those tiny little feet and fingers..
Credits: fei Stuff: Plum Autumn and Heart Galore

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