Friday, January 14, 2011

Designer of the month at Two Little pixels & Freebie !

Hi everyone,

It's my turn to be ''Designer of the month'' at twolittlepixels,
for this occasion I have made an exclusive kit '' A day at the park ''.
There's nothing like a picnic at the park. Don't you just love spending some time with family or friends.... relaxing and having a good time at the park !
The kit is 50% off during until Januari 28. You can find it here !

I have also made a freebie with a challenge attached,
You can grab it here !

Create a page / layout using this template,
Use at least 4 photo's / pictures (3 inside the squares + 1 outside the squares)
You are allowed to rotate recolor fit your needs.
Post it in the twolittlepixels galerie, please put in title ''Challenge Anita''
and post a link back here in a reply so I can find your page !

First price: a coupon USD$ 15
Second price: a coupon USD $ 10
Third price: a coupon USD $ 5

Challenge winners will be announced on my blog at Januari 28.

Have fun and Goodluck !!


  1. Congratulations, Anita!
    You really merit this spotlight.
    I love your creations.
    Thank you for the gorgeous freebie. Off to play with it. *lol*

    Big Hugs

  2. Thanx fore this lovely freebie and gorgeous kit!

    Here´s my Lo for the challenge.

    Have a lovely weekend! Moltac

  3. Merci pour le freebie !!!
    Voici ma page :

  4. Thank you the nice freebie.
    Here is my page:


  5. Sorry, this is the right link:

  6. I bought the kit and grabbed the template and I love both of them. Here is my participation:

  7. Hello Anita,
    First, thank you for the beautiful template !
    I've made 2 LOs for the challenge.
    Here are the links :
    Have a nice day. Morgane

  8. I made a second one to complete a double page:

    and if you are interested in the double page please find it here

  9. Thanks for the wonderful template! Here is my Layout for your challenge!

  10. Hi Anita. I love the kit and thank you so much for the template. Here is my entry.

  11. Thanks you for this beautiful freebie

    here is my page

  12. Hello Anita!!
    I've just posted my page here

    I loved working with this template and the Around the World Collab was just perfect for my photos, thank you for both of them :D

    Good luck to everyone, your pages are wonderful Ladies :)


  13. Out of the challenge but just to let you know I used your beautiful template on my own blog.
    Have a look!

    Thanks for your work!


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