Monday, January 18, 2010

New Products...

Finally having some time to blog, I have been really busy these days. We have started to demolish our 'old' kitchen, and it soon will be replaced with a new one. We didn't know how 'old' the kitchen was, untill we broke it down, and found a newspaper from 1971. That is old isn't it?? It suprised us how long our kitchen survived.

For today .. a new kit at Digital Crea.. 'Sweet Dreams', the title is a bit sarcastic, because my two boys didn't want to sleep and they tried just about anything to stay awake - my own night owls. Frustrating but Inspired me to create this kit !!
It's now 25% off and available here

CT member layouts

And last friday I released a new template at Two Little Pixels and Digital Scrap café. It comes with 2 textured papers and some cute elements.

available here Two little pixels and Dsc

and here are layouts made by CT

Have a wonderfull day



  1. Love the patterns in your new kit! Your owls are super cute!!

  2. Hi Anita, wow what a beautiful kit you've created. The owls look very cute!

    So, you are getting a new kitchen. That's always exciting! Hope it's gonna be great!

    Bye for now.


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