Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tower of terror

In feb. 2009 we went to EuroDisney. We had a great time there.
My niece went with us, because our middle son didn't want to go there. She is in the same age as my daughter. At one point they saw the tower of terror, and they wanted to get on it.. so did we..
We joined the line for waiting, not knowing what was about to happen. We got in an elevator car we sat down, and then the doors closed the ride began.. we went back forward up till top waiting till it would drop.. doors went open we had an overview of the parc. It went down up.. and with great speed ! I loved it and so did my hubby hahaha....even our youngest had the time of his life !!
But those 2 girlies they screamed our ears of... was it out of pleasure? lol When they got outside they sat down, they looked as if they had seen some ghosts... wich is normal in the tower of terror.. they were white and feeling a bit dizzy.. werent able to speak for about 10 minutes !!

I hope we can go there back soon, I love Eurodisney, and i am curious if they still would choose to ride the tower of terror hahaha


  1. *lol* That photo is cracking me up--her hair looks like it got stuck in an electricity storm!!!

  2. you know, my daughter wanted to go with us when she was 6 years old. She was tall enough. But when it was finished, she told us that she had the fear of her life !!! totally scared too !
    Me ? i loved that !

  3. LOL! I have never done it! :) For the moment, we're limited to 4 year-old rides! :) And to be honest, I'm so easy to scare that I'm not sure I'd like to do it! hihi!

  4. This picture really made my day. So funny!!!!
    I guess they will never forget this ride.



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