Friday, January 10, 2014

A year in retrospect | January dollar days

Hi all,

The days are flying by so fast !! Unbelievable. I am working on my family yearbook of 2013.
And I am doing that month by month. That got me thinking about making a looking back album.
With lots of journaling space and with a few pictures compiled of that month, with a highlight photo, and followed with photo pages, will show some pictures of it when i have the printed at home. I used these templates to ''introduce a new month'' in my album (like as a new chapter)

A year in retrospect.. It has 18 layered templates including a cover and a text page with 6 neutral papers.

And because we still have January Dollar days... 
this album is available for 1 USD during the month January.

My next products are listed for January 17 - January 24 - and January 29.

CT inspiration:
by Farrah
by Nate

by Soco

Have a wonderful day 
xx Anita


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