Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Chit chat with our youngest

Last weekend we went Ikea shopping ! (Love that store). Most of the time when we go to Ikea, we go and eat there too aswell. And our youngest kid is in love with their meatballs with a creamy sauce and some of that red-ish stuff on top of it. He just can't get enough of that !! Wich to me is fantastic, because he is a very difficult eater.. especially on another place. But for those meatballs he makes an exception..but last weekend, we didn't have enough time to eat their meatballs, so I went to their shop, and bought those meatballs for making them at home, i didnt forget the sauce and i even got some of that red-ish stuff too......
Monday was a little hectic here so I decided to make those Ikea meatballs... and said to him:
''Guess what I am going to make for diner'', he: I don't know...
Me: The little meatballs from Ikea (looking excited) He: Are we going there to eat them? Me: No i bought them and I make them here at home..(showing him the bag and ikea label) He: No they are not from Ikea. Me: Yes they are and you always love them.. He: Yes but not these. Me: Trying to convince him they are the same..He: I will eat them because you say i have to eat them, but they are Not the same, they are not from Ikea. So I let him thinking they are not the same lol don't want to argu with a 10 year old. I made the meatballs incl the sauce and the stuff on top, and he ate them all.. So i asked him: Did you like them? They tasted the same as in the Ikea .. He: No, and i didn't get them from Ikea so it's not the same ! He didn't get them from Ikea .......How can I compare the Ikea chefs with my cooking at home !! ??
I love these kind of things and chit chats with him, it reminds me that he takes it al so on the word so literal!

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  1. Waah ! Anita, way funny !! Love those meatballs too, both at Ikea and from my freezer at home. Those are lifesavers on some days. Haha.


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