Friday, December 2, 2011

So cute

Teenagers in love..
It's kind of weird for parents (i think) to see the kids having boy / girlfriends.. to see them walk hand in hand, hearing them giggle.. see them hug and sometimes even see them....well you can imagine !
Mom can she stay over for diner? Can I go to the movies with her? Talks on the phone .. chatting till very late..Our kids are growing up .. no more playing with action man, climbing etc. Kid time is over.. a new fase has began. Even though it's a bit weird for us it's also soooooooooo cute to see them like this ! And I am very happy for them to experience these ''new feelings'' !

Lien made a kit called ''So Cute'', and I used it to scrap my teen in love,
he and his girlfriend a cute couple !

This kit is available at Mscraps


  1. Such a lovely post and page, Anita! I miss you! :)

  2. They are so cute indeed!!! What a lovely age and precious memories! :) Love your page Anita!
    (Pom, we miss you too!!!)


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