Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Somewhere Wind...

Somewhere wind...blow something beautiful in my mailbox today..
It totally made my day !!

I love art, not always but sometimes a painting or a graphic just catches the eye..
like this piece of art ..
When I saw it, it immediatly had my attention, I felt like my life was captured in this image. The tree, the leafs, the road, the brook, the hills..the sun just everything with the right colors. I think when an artist creates his art, he or she always touch ones soul or heart. When everyone look at the same piece of art, will feels something different,
that is the most beautiful thing of art.

In this case.. Heather al credits go to you ! You are a true artist, this is a real piece of art
and I love it !!

Check out more of Heathers art works in her Etsy store
wich you can find here

Thank you!!


  1. I'm delighted to bring you a smile, Anita--thank you for the sweet write-up! *hugs*

  2. OMG! It's beautiful!!! ♥ I agree with you Anita, Heather is a true artist and I love her work too!


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