Friday, May 7, 2010

Winners Rak + Embrace life

Hi everyone !!

As you  have seen on the preview i made a collab with Sabrina's Creations. It's called ''Embrace Life''.
It contains 31 papers and 49 elements, and is available at Two Little Pixels and Mscraps.

Here are some gorgeous CT inspiration !

As promised, there will be 2 winners of our collab on my blog, and 2 winners at Sabrina's blog.
Most of you did the calculation right !

Use the TOTAL NUMBER of our kids 6
Use that number and multiply it with the TOTAL NUMBER OF GIRLS  x 3
Add to that number the TOTAL NUMBER OF BOYS + 3
Add the 2 AGES of Sabrina and my oldest kids +14 + 6
Devide that with the TOTAL AGE OF OUR YOUNGEST KIDS / 8+2
Multiply that number with the AGE OF MY MIDDLE CHILD x 12
6 x 3 + 3 + 14 + 6 / 10 x 12 - 4 = 45,2

And the winners for this collab are: Fabiola and Timounette
Congratulations, please email me your email adres and i'll sent you a coupon to get our collab for free !! Have lot's of scrapfun !!
Thank you all for playing along hope you'l play along next time

xxx Anita


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