Friday, October 21, 2016

A day at the spa

The greatest gift that you can give yourself, is a little bit of your own attention
- Anthony J. D' Angelo

Make time for yourself!

This kit is al about just that, a time to relax, time for yourself, a ladies day out and enjoying the lovely things they offer at the spa, like a massage, manicure and a facial!

A little while ago, i spend a whole day at the Spa, wellness center with my dear friend. I sooo loved it, and we decided to do that more often, taking some time off for our selfs, was the best idea ever. The massage was awesome so was the facial and the envirement was so beautiful and serene, relaxing at the cozy lounge sofa's in the perfectly designed garden. We enjoyed everything and we had an absolute amazing girls day out... Gosh I wish I was there right now LoL. Anyway I think i ad it on my christmast wish list to do another day at the spa !
available here

both packs are also sepate available

Have a great weekend
xx Anita 

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