Sunday, May 8, 2016

Enfold | Collection

We are so excited to show our new collection called ''Enfold'' wich is exclusively available at The digital press.

This month's HUGE collection, is like our previous collection, filled with lot's of goodies for al your fave projects, as well for digital, hybryd and pocket projects. And it is now available at The Digital Press for $8,40 during NSD. ofcource you can also choose from the dropdown menu, if you prefer single packs after NSD it will be the regulair $10 price during the rest of the month may.

Especially for NSD we have bundled up all our previous collections and created a grab bag from it, wich is really really really HUGE and our newest bundle from MAY is also included. If you haven't met our bundles yet, this is a great way to meet them. This grab bag is only during NSD availble for only $28. And all our previous collections are all seperate available for $8,40 during NSD store wide sales.
Have a wonderful week!
Team Project Grateful

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