Friday, January 18, 2013

Spontaneous + Some flairs 02 {Smileys}


The best thing about my girly is that she is super spontaneous. She walk right towards you and then gives you a very tight hug or a kiss and tell you that she loves you. I love that so much !! 100% cuteness all the way... and it led to this minikit..
Available at Mscraps - 20% off !

And I am sometimes a terrible blogger, so i forgot to blog about the smileys..
Some flairs 02, Smileys, just for fun and to decorate a page !!
And because i forgot to blog about it, they are again 20% off this weekend!!
Available at Mscraps

I wish you al a beautifull fun weekend !!
xx Anita


  1. Love the red in the spontaneous kit and the smileys are so fun!

  2. I love these smileys and the kit is beautiful !

  3. Beautiful kit! The red and yellow coloura are just so rich in depth. Also enjoyed the scrap pages displayed, such wonderful inspiration!

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