Monday, August 27, 2012


My adventure in Vienna with my dear friend since ages !
After our trip to London we decided we had to do this again someday, we had a great time back then, and all though we love and missed our kids and hubby much and dearly, it was great to NOT be a mom & wife & housekeeper & mom were is my stuff < detective of lost stuff  > for a few days ! It's relaxing, we are on our own in a country we don't know and we survived it lol.

We left on friday morning very early to go to Dusseldorf airport, and after we waved my hubby goodbye it was just the two of us, and the fun could begin, we walked around, and we saw some computer thingies were we could check in quickly, and quickly is good, if it wasn't the fact that the computer didn't recognize my passport, and my heartbeat went up a million ... after a while we learned we were angry at the wrong computer !! WHAAA.. then the ''i am scared of flying'' nerves came along and waiting seemed like forever. When it was finally time to get on the plane and we took of (love the feeling of the speed wich presses you in the chair) my nerves dissapeared. 1,5 hours later we landed in Vienna YaY.. we took the buss and we had to walk a bit to our Boutique Hotel Baustadthalle. Lavender all around us. It smelled wonderful. We checked in and then we dropped our stuff in our room. Luxory lol ofcourse we remodeld it a bit because the beds were in a weird way.

After the check in, and installing our suitcases, we went on to the subways. LOVE IT, makes me wonder why we don't have that over here. The weather was rain lots of it but it didn't matter. We visited St. Stephansdom, with the amazing detailed and carved out walls and colums and the catacombes (macabre but beautiful in a weird way) especially the stacked bones. The Peters church, with the simple look outside and the eyeblinding gold and the colored marble and painted seeling.. The emperors appartments wich holds a museum of Elisabeth. And ofcourse the Spanish hoffreitschüle, with the beautiful horses. Believe me they have such luxorius stables ! And we visited the castles, Schönnbrünn the home of the emperors, and Belvedere, with the amazing gardens. We also visited the Kaiser Grufft it was amazing how decorated the coffins were back then. With al respect, because it felt a bit weird walking through it.. We ate a wiener schnitzel, yum yum delicious. We saw a lot in those few days, my leggs were killing me almost at the end. Vienna is beautiful and definatly worth visiting !!! We were sad to go home that monday, but also looking forward to see our family again and telling them about our adventure. We decided to go early to the airport, so we waited and waited, and when we were waiting at the gate, i was wondering why it was so empty, hardly anyone was there. After a while (nearly boarding time) i decided to ask were every one was (couldn't imagine we were the only passengers), we checked our gate number and we were in the correct place, they adviced us to check the message board. And then we found out the gate had changed from B 41 into C44 or something....WHAAAAAAA we had to run with our hurting leggs and suitcase, we ran as if our life was depending on it, and it was a really long run, we had to ran up the escalator and then again a long piece, but we made it on time (feeling half dead) we were sooooooooo tired when we got on the plane and then we finally went home...

The pictures are treated with RADLAB << I love >>

xx Anita

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  1. Wow, what a wonderful mini-vacation! So glad you got to do that!


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