Friday, August 20, 2010

Happy talk.. a collab with Three Paper Peonies

Happy Talk a collab with Three Paper Peonies

My youngest, is always talking, sometimes i wonder if he doesn't get tired of it, but he seems fine with it. And with all he talks about, he says sometimes the most funniest things, like a few years ago when he was about 5 years old...

He always looked in the bathtub at the water as the bath drains empty. Especially the tiny vortex that comes when the last water is going away, he finds that very interesting...
Then when he went with his dad to the Mc Donalds he had this little chat with his dad while they were on the small ferry over the ''Maas'' (small river) ;
He saw a small vortex in the Maas with a branch in it, he said to Ludo, look dad a Vortex.. and then suddenly with a little panic in his voice he said to ludo, the ferry has to hurrie up, because the maas is going to be empty soon !!

We had a good laugh about it, and ofcource hubby explained to him that the river doesnt go empty like a bathtub !! 

I had the wonderful oppertunity to collab with Jaime from Three paper peonies. She is amazingly talented and it was a real pleasure to work with her. I love how it al fits together.. here is the preview
The perfect way to scrap and document all the wonderful things children say and those treasured conversations we have with them. Our collab is available at Two little pixels and Mscraps and it's 20% off al through the weekend !

Here are some wonderfull layouts by the Creative team and Mscraps CT

Have a great day

xx Anita


  1. OMG, Anita! This collab is amazing!!!! WOW! I love every little part of it! Great work:) Have a nice day:)

  2. Fabulous collab!!! LOVE it to bits!!!! You & Jaime make a great team :)

  3. This is gorgeous! Will definitely be picking it up soon xx


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