Friday, April 2, 2010

[Closed]Rak - Cuties and Sweeties

As designer of the month....and with april foolsday past.. i'm going to give away the new kit 2x  for al blog followers.. (had i posted this yesterday, you were probably thinking that it was a joke) only today.. so do you want to win this kit ?
Then leave me a reply, and tell me what you did on april foolsday did you fall for some cute jokes?
Rak is closing on Saturday morning Dutch time.

This is what i did on April fools day... I played a joke on my Creative team, let them believe that someone hacked my blog, and linked them to instructions to keep theyr blog save.. but instead of getting instruktions they got an image with a laughing cat saying ''GOTCHA'' . Then I joked around with my mother inlaw, we went to eat some lunch and when she went to the restroom, i asked the girl to add some money to the reciept (changing the amount). When it was time to pay she was shocked that our 2 sandwiches and 1 cola and 1 cappucino were 56 euro... lol I did a lot of more jokes, but these were the best two haha

If you didn't see the bloghop yesterday.. scroll down a bit, you still have a chance of winning  there and grabbing the freebies it closes at Sunday !

And if you are looking for a CT job then take a look at Sabrina's blog, she is having a CT Call.

Goodluck everyone, have a great day !
xx Anita


  1. LOL Anita ... I had no idea April Fools day was celebrated(?) in Holland ... I thought it was just us Brits that played pranks on each other!

    I didn't play any pranks on anyone yesterday, but I was watching TV and saw a programme that said scientists had discovered the gene / DNA to create a unicorn ... they then showed a little pony with a horn stuck on it's head ... it looked so funny!!! Google also had a link to an animal language translator so you could talk to your pets!!!! ROTFL!!!!!

    Thanks for the chance of winning Anita!!! Hugs, sue.falstaff

  2. Hey Anita,
    I also didn't play any pranks on anyone yesterday but I can tell you about the best joke I ever made on aprils fools day. I was working as a purchasing specialist for event marketing before having my children. And on one aprils fools day I created an order about table dance girls for the board members and gave it to my boss to sign it. It was so funny to see how he reacted. But when I told him it is April 1st he could not stop to laugh and the framed order hang in his office until he left the company. *lol*

    Thanks for the chance to win the new kit.

  3. My friend and I played one on all our male coworkers. We independantly emailed everyone (including our bosses) that we were pregnant and leaving on maternity leave. Apparantly there was widespread panic as there was no-one to take over our work. Then one coworker plucked up enough courage to phone and ask if it was true or an april fools-day joke. We let them off the hook.
    It is nice to know we can't be missed, gives us a good bargaining position for a next raise... :-)

  4. I'm not kidding anyone yesterday. However, a great experience to understand. (cloth baby carriers deal with formatting) A mother yesterday, who is 4 months old baby. The baby was crying a little and while Mom tried and took the baby. Imagine how he fell asleep in my hand! It was a wonderful experience to see the little baby puffing!

    Thanks for the chance to win the new kit.


  5. Anita,
    the one with your mother-in-law is great !

    Didn't really fool anybody yesterday, but that's ok, I try to do it all year round !

    Beautiful kit, great work. And no, I am not kidding this time.

  6. This is a beautiful kit! Simply gorgeous and lovely! Thank you for the chance... I just stayed home with my girls during April fools... We were not able to have a great time because it's Holy Thursday here... Thanks again. Hugs!

  7. I did not play to make jokes yesterday. On the other hand on ACO I was trapped. Crazy challenges and I I believed in it!!

    Thank you for this RAK, the kit is magnificent.

  8. I wasn't very nice...I told all the clients at the rehab clinic I work at, while teaching my Stress Management class, that it would be my last day working there...and sent them all into a high stress situation...but I got a kick out of it...oh my...

  9. The same joke than Melany, on ACO forum ... crazy challenges (lol)

    Thanks you for the RAK

  10. Thank you so much for the chance, Anita! The new kit is so sweet!

    I didn't do much for April Fool's day, but I did play one little joke on my 5 year old. I went to comb her hair (a dreaded task every morning, because it knots so much!), and when she turned to let me do it, I said, "Oh, my gosh, Lily, there's a big wad of gum in your hair! Were you chewing bubble gum when you went to bed?" She was horrified, and I felt bad! Poor thing! I didn't do any more jokes after that...

    Thanks again for the chance!!

  11. I was in the hospital with my son.
    So i didn't have any time for april fool jokes snif. Next year better:D

  12. HaHaa, I read all the jokes and pranks you pulled and seen/heard, all very funny...I didn't play and pranks nor did I have any played on me, but it was still a great day and the weather here in West Michigan, USA is wonderfully warm and delightful so my husband and I spent the day outside with our 6 children.

  13. hello !
    so yesterday it was a long day at work...and no joke at all there ;(

    So when I came home, I was really happy, because in the first 5 minutes i had already 2 fishes in my back, and my two girls were laughing...
    And before going to sleep, I told them : "who want to eat an ice and go to bed with a candy ?" Then immediatly 2 little girls where jumping saying "me, me ! me! !!!"...and when I only said "sorry, it was an April fool too !!!"...if you could have seen their faces !!!!!! OMG !

  14. How funny your April Fool's Day jokes were. Unfortunately, I think the jokes were played on me - I got an estimate for laying new carpet...aarghhhhhh! Great Kit and so beautiful.


  15. Well, my kids had a plan for their Nana. They put a little hole in the side of an apple and put a gummy worm sticking out of it. They asked her if she wanted an apple and then handed her the "wormy" one. They were very pleased with themselves and she played along nicely! So I helped with a prank, that's about it!

  16. Hi Anita! I had a lot of fun reading your jokes and the other girls'! I didn't made any myself... I was at home with my little princess being a little sick (and that's not a joke unfortunately!!!), but she's doing better and, as usual, I had a lot of fun with her. We even made a cake together! :)
    Your new kit is wonderful as usual! Thanks for this chance!

  17. Hi Anita! Beautiful kit. You are so talented!!!

    I was fooled by my niece. I was on the phone with my mom and she said: Oh Mirthe has to tell you something. Okay. So Mirthe came on the phone and said Aunt Monique, I have a tooth out of my mouth. I said: Ohhhh and that right before your "communie" (?). Now you have a big hole in your mouth. Uh oh. I didn't even know that one was loose!! And then I heard a lot of giggling and she said: 1 april!!! That naughty little niece of me. I was fooled...ha ha ha. I will never forget that.


  18. So cool to read al these stories !!
    Of to draw 2 winners

    Thanks all for participating :-)

    xx Anita

  19. wow... great stuff and great chance!


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