Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sneak Peek.. new kit

Hi !!

School has already started, and after those 14 days vacation it is really hard getting them organised lol
those moody faces when they get up, and their anoying about the cold and the snow, and that it is dark when they have to leave for school in the morning on their bikes. And they have a ton of new excuses for not going to school. The new one is: Mom I can't go because they didn't put salt on the roads because they are out of it. (They heard that on the news yesterday) It didn't work, i guess i'm a mean mom who sents the kids to school any way lol. Luckely for them they have just a few hours, and then they can come back home lol !!

With the kiddo's back at school, I've made a new kit
Here is a sneak peek !!

Hope you like it !



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