Monday, August 24, 2009

Photoswapp with Jenny

I just love the photoswapp challenge at Pixelcanvas, you get a partner and then you swapp photo's ! This time I swapped with Jenny a.k.a Justjen. She send me a very sweet picture of her youngest and oldest son. Big brother holding the hand of his younger brother and eating a sandwich SOO CUTE !!

So I got started ..and turned them in to two Cowboys using the Yeehaw kit from Vinnie Pearce..
Here is the layout !!

Jenny made a layout with the picture i have sended to her. It's one from our summer vacation, my 3 kids building a sand castle...wich ofcourse at the end got destroyed by the upcoming water LoL.... Jenny I love what you have done with my picture, thanks a lot !!

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  1. Hi Anita! I just LOVE what you have done with my picture!!!!!!!!!! Love the little cowboy look you have created! You are so talented! (and you must be tired, isnt' it the middle of the night in Holland right now?) It is nearly lunchtime here:) Thank you for the beautiful job on my picture! I think one of those kites must have been in dutch colors right? beautiful picture you sent me too, thank you, my favorite thing is to look at the ocean! I put the pics on my blog too just now! goedenacht!


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