Saturday, June 27, 2009

My girl

She is going trough a difficult phase..called ''Puberty''. Nothing is good, she thinks she's ugly..her hear won't grow long (genetic fault), she more and more noticed that she's different then her friends and other people (autism) etc. I wish that that she saw how I see her, a beautiful girl, with an adorable smile and the most beautiful blue eyes i've ever seen and even though she has autism, she has a beautiful sweet and soft personality, she is just beautiful just the way she is !!

I've made these pages, just to show her how beautiful she is !
credits: creashens ''Yours''
credits: vinnie pearce, sabrina's creations, and me


  1. dit zijn alletwee prachtige bewerkingen

  2. It is not what is outside that counts, it is what is inside. But your daughter is beautiful.

  3. Prachtige bewerkingen van een mooie meid...van binnen en van buiten!!


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