Saturday, February 13, 2016


Who says digital scrapbooking and recipes don't go together?!  

Check out Anita's newest releases, Layered Template Recipe Books, available at The Digital Press!!


Love cooking or baking? This is vol 02 from the recipe album.  It's a great gift to family members when they leave home, or friends that are getting married. You can use these templates for creating a cook book or some fun baking recipes!  These templates have lots of white space so the recipes and photo's  have all the attention. 
 All templates are saved as PSD + Tiff Files and everything is created at 3600x3600 -  300dpi for optimum printing quality

Check out what the ladies on Anita's CT came up with (YUM!):


  1. I have purchased your recipe collection. Is there anywhere I can see samples of what to do with them as I am typing up my recipes but not sure how to make them look great (or add the photos). I have the 6x8 collections

  2. sorry I should have added that I purchase Cooking with Love collections


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