Friday, December 6, 2013


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Childhood is a bright and playful digital scrapbooking kit that brings back the memories of the sweetest days ever ! When I look back at my childhood, I remember a lot of fun things like, going to the park with my grandma, there was a swingset with a slide, and we would sit and she hopped on with us and get us moving. She also took us to a petting zoo ever, and with my parents.. we had some awesome great times. Vacations with a caravan, swimming and bbq's. My dad & his brothers and my grandpa loved to go out fishing, after a good day with some good fish catching, they brought home the fish, cleaned it and then it got smoked and it ended up as supper.... some great childhood memories.. It's fun looking back !
For this HUGE collab bundle about Childhood, I have themed up with Mye De Leon. It was fun working with her. And we love the very bright colors !! 

The collab has a full kit, with alpha and for a while you'll recieve the journaling card pack as a FWP of the kit. Great to use for Project Life 365. There is also a pack of big 4x6 journaling cards, and a set of Photocard templates great for printing or just ad it in the project life. Give your pages an extra fancy look with the smears pack and / or the Brush pack ! In other's HUGE ! Everything is seperate available but also available in this Childhood ''Collection'' pack.

Available at Pixels and Company 30% off !!


By Julie:

By Franny:
 By Corinna
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