Wednesday, October 30, 2013

DSD Blog Hop | Freebie

Hi all !!
YAY it's that time again, Digital Scrapbooking Day arrived,
and that means tons of fun and sales all around the stores and blogs ..

Pixels and Company, has a lot of things in store for you, totally awesome 
and this blog hop is part of it !!
But before we get to the bloghop..
A small tutorial.
I am a total fan from photo treatments.. and I found a way to make from a normal photo a sketch/drawing,
and then add it as an extra in a layout << cause i just love scrapping :-)

If you click on this image it will enlarge and guide you to your own photo / sketch !

  Have fun !!

Now the best part of this blog post..

Check out this awesome collab
And this little bit is my part !!

If you follow the blogposts, you will have 20 letters wich allows you to get this huge amazing collab for free.
So with every post comes a letter. And if you have them in the correct order you will have a code which you can use at the check out.
This is my letter
 Here’s the order of blogs in case you missed one.
The start is at:

Your next stop will be at Ya yeah Designs !!

I hope you enjoy this bloghop and have lots of fun Digital scrapbooking days 

xx Anita


  1. Thank you so much! This is gorgeous!

  2. Thank you so very much for the helpful tutorial and your lovely contribution to the kit!

  3. Great tip, thank you!

    Thanks also for the gorgeous kit! Happy DSD!

  4. thank you for your part in this collab!

  5. TYSVM for your lovely part of the DSD gift!!! :D

  6. Would love to be able to do this tutorial in pse....I got lost at set to color dodge....


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