Friday, September 13, 2013

Yesterday | Pixels and Company


It's still awesome to be a guest at this wonderful store. An amazing team of designers.
A little while ago.. We went on a family trip to Valkenburg, with my Grandmother, uncle and aunt and niece. As we walked through the wonderful town, we had the most amazing time ever. I was high up in the air hanging in a chair on a cable line IEEK! My niece and I were very scared about it.. so we did NOT look down, until the thing went downwards and we were needed to look down. We had hilarious moments with some cyclist (sport) guys and smelly feet as we passed them at the parking lot my grandma and I laughed our butts off. And we had a wonderful delicious diner at the end. We'd even teased our uncle with a jar of his favorite liquorice with a funny quote on the jar. Anyway.. Yesterday was Superb hope we do it all once more!

A kit about Yesterday, to scrap your ''yesterday pictures''. 
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