Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Hi all...

Hope you all had a wonderful iNSD !!
This week i'm still being Featured at Mscraps.. and Scooty and I were thinking about doing a challenge together... We brainstormed about a guessing game.. Are you in for winning some coupons ??
Then check out this image (click on the image to enlarge)
- You see 16 close-ups of products from Scooty and me.. 
Visit our shops and see if you can find wich picture is wich product !! 

- When you have guessed all the close-ups, list them
1. Title of the products + Designer name 

- Email your list to to recieve an €3 coupon 
and email it also to to recieve another €3 coupon  
(that's if you have the list correct)

- All players will be entered for a random drawing to win an extra coupon of €6 by Scooty and €6 by me.

- This challenge will end at SATURDAY | MAY 11th
and we announce the winners Saturday evening
 at 20.00 PM (GMT+2)
We will sent al coupons at Sunday may 12

We wish you goodluck and lot's of fun with this challenge !

xx Anita & Scooty

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