Tuesday, February 23, 2010

RAK !!

Hi everyone.....
Soon will be a new kit in shop !! It's about discovering and learning and....., well you just have to wait and see LoL, just kidding, but I give you a chance of winning this kit, here is a sneek peak !!
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If you like what you see and you want a chance of winning this kit, share with me something funnie in the comment box !!
Thursday evening I announce the winners

Have a great day


  1. Wow...the sneak peak is wonderful!
    I love the fantastic colors.
    Thanks so much for the chance to win it!

  2. Love your sneak peak. Well, I shall tell you something funny?
    I must have been completely nuts today as I told my partner that the new ADSR challenge on my own devise.
    She knew why she said I can do it if I want. My hair is turning grey already *lol*.

    Thanks for the chance to win your kit, love your designs.

  3. Usually, I never win. But maybe this time it makes me lie :)

    The colors are just perfect to scrap spring.

  4. This sneak peak looks amazing! I would love to win it! :-)

    Something funny: My friend is pregnant and the baby is starting to kick more lately. Her husband wanted to 'hear' the baby inside her belly, so he put his ear up to her belly and the baby kicked him in the ear! HAHA! :-D

  5. we drove past a grass land and there were several cows standing there.My son calls his grandpa en sais look grandpa those cows are doing the polonaise.well i haven't seen cows do the polonaise before. My dad and i have to do a great effort not to laugh. Because we all know what they were doing :d

  6. I like very much!!! I am a fan of this appercu!!! It feels(smells) the spring, the freshness of beautiful day!!!!
    It is beautiful!!!
    I like very much your kits!!! You êtez a désigneuse which I admire!!!
    Thank you for making him(it) to us gain(win)!!!
    Bye bye and I cross fingers!!!

  7. want something funny?
    here I am!

    ah ah ah ah ah

    mouac take care! This kit looks FAB... once again!

  8. Looks like a very pretty kit! Something funny that happened lately is that I got into the car to go somewhere and I was still wearing my slippers...

  9. Looks fantastic ! The colors are so yummy !
    Something funny ? Let me see..
    My husband and I went for dinner and drinks with friends and he was pretty drunk when we came back home. He went straight to bed. I stayed up a little bit more and I was at my computer when 2 hours later he woke up and took a cigarette, and told me "Good Morning" ! He thought it was already the next morning and was probably thinking of getting ready ! It was so funny I had tears in my eyes. Don't know if it's funny for somebody who didn't see that but it was very much for me LOL
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  10. Great sneek peak ! Thanks for this RAK !

    Something funny ?? Hummm
    My daughters, Ninon 4 years old and Naïs 2 years old, asked something and I Answered "no, later"
    Ninon "mum said later"
    Naïs "no, mum said no"
    Ninon "no, she said later"
    Naïs "no, she said no"
    Ninon "no, she said later"
    I say "that's enough now girls !"
    Ninon "mum said that's enough"
    Naïs "yes, why you said that's enough mum ???"

    Great holidays, no ?? lol

  11. Looks like another gorgeous kit !

    Something funny ... kids seem to be a good inspiration. A while ago the two little girls from my cousin were playing and fantasizing about catching robbers who stole diamonds. The eldest didn't have any problems with the word "diamanten", but the youngest kept saying "dimamanten". She must have that from her mother, who always used to say "autometatisch" instead of "automatisch". Sorry for the Flemish words, I'll try to translate to get a similar effect : "dimamonds" instead of "diamonds" and "automatatic" instead of "automatic".
    What made it even more funny was the way the little one was telling about the robbers with the "dimamanten". They really "live" their fantasy.

  12. I love the colors and thanks so much to chance to win it.

  13. it is really nice. Thank you for giving us the chance to earn it

  14. Hé Anita,
    Ik vind het geweldig dat je mensen de kans geeft om deze fantastische kit te winnen!
    Vanaf het moment dat ik gewezen werd op DSC door Yvon ben ik al gek van jou kitjes! Ze zijn echt heel mooi!! Mijn complimenten!

    Oké, iets grappigs dus...

    Toen Naomi nog wat moeite had om bepaalde letters uit te spreken kregen we allerlei leuke woordspelingen te horen. Eén van de allerleukste was toch wel "lepel" maar omdat ze de "l" niet kon uitspreken werd het "Tepel"!!! We hebben hier altijd hard om gelachen, zeker als ze het zei als er visite was en die begonnen te blozen! Hahahaha!!! 't Arme kind vroeg gewoon om haar lepel.

    Hoop dat je hem leuk genoeg vind (Yvon heeft er hard om gelachen!).

    Groetjes Jessica (Sophie)

  15. Ho this kit seems to be really beautiful !!!
    Something funny ??? Ho I don't know ...today, my youngest daughter put 2 socks, but they had different colors and she told me she did it deliberately !!!

  16. Your kit seems to be really beautiful. Maybe this time the chance will be there ...

  17. Yesterday, my daughter (10) was watching the Olympics and when she found out that the Dutch guy on the 10000m speed skate was picking up and ending up winning gold she was excited.. we are Canadians but we stayed in the Netherlands 2 years.

  18. So pretty!

    My niece crawled out of bed this morning only to discover her leg was asleep. She was stumbling around and falling against the furniture. She eventually gave up and waited for the feeling to return before moving. I'm sure it wasn't funny to her, but it made me giggle.

  19. Love the colours in your sneak peak!!! You want to know something funny ... OK, how about a joke?
    Q:What's black & white and red all over?
    A:A newspaper!
    I didn't say it was a good joke!!!
    Thanks for the chance of winning Anita! Hugs, sue.falstaff

  20. It looks really fantastic... and thank you for giving us a chance to win it !!!


  21. Merci pour l'occasion de gagner ce kit qui a l'air très joli.
    Un truc drôle ? j'ai toujours l'espoir que M Random me choisira dans ce genre de jeu ... pouh !!

  22. Superbe sneak peak !!!!
    Je croise les doigts pour que M. Random ne passe pas à côté de moi lol


  23. i should be crazy, i write from my vacations in Mexico....yes so far !! ;) hugs


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