Hello !
Here is a little about me.
Once upon a time..................... hahaha

My name is Anita, and I love to design digital scrapbook stuff. I love to be creative in any way, it's something I can't get enough off.
Here are some little random facts about me:

I started designing in 2007. Been addicted to it every since, I love to learn new things, and that was one of the things that I have learned. I love Digital Scrapbooking, and I prefer the Clean, Simple, Minimalistic style, and a lot of white space. Although I try to make my products suitable for all styles.
I am happily married since 1995, we have had a long rocky and bumpy road behind us, andp I look forward to spend the rest of our days together because he is definatly my better half! I am also a very proud mom of 3 wonderful children, they are very unique individuals, and I love that about them. It's not always have been easy (parenting and childhood) but I love my kids nomatter what. The oldest two already have the adult age (20 and 18) and our youngest is now a happy 14 year old teenage boy.

Every once in a while I can really enjoy some wonderful series on TV or Netflix. My absolute favorite ones are "Little house on the prairy'', ''Grey's anatomy'', ''Private practice'', ''Charmed'' and lately I love to watch ''Vampire Diaries, and Fuller House''. My fave movies are Twilight Saga, 50shades, Armageddon, and all kinds of disaster movies. Another thing I absolutly love doing is....... Traveling. I love to see the world, and al the meet al different cultures, I love the nature, and ever since I was in Scotland, I just know I have to go back there someday. Sofar I have traveled to Vienna, London, Schwangau and Gondorf (GE), Sicily and Venice (IT), Paris, Vias-Plage (FR), and recently Scotland. I am a true coffee addict. I admit, I am guilty of drinking way too much coffee!

You can find my collection of scrapbook products at The Digital Press

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