Monday, March 21, 2016

PHOTOGRAPHY f/2.0 - Welcome to our new series!!!

Hello and welcome to Anita Designs! 

I’m creative team member; Farrah Jobling and I can’t wait to start a new series called Photography f/2.0.  As a resident photographer here, I will be guiding you through a series of posts with tips on taking better photos. We’ll cover some basic topics, a few more technical ones, and mostly have a lot of fun as we grow together.

I thought I would start out with a little background about my photography journey.  I started out a very lonnnnng time ago as a scrapper – I was an original Making Memories paper scrapper with a mediocre film camera and ZERO photography skills.  As I would browse through scrapbooking magazines looking for inspiration, I noticed that the one thing the inspiring pages had that I didn’t was great photos. In high school, I couldn’t fit photography into my schedule and then I sort of forgot about it during college. It wasn’t until I went to grad school that I knew I needed to rekindle a creative outlet, so I bought my first SLR and went through several rolls of film before I realized I needed to take a class.  The class was a really great place for me to start.  I learned about the exposure
triangle and how to actually use my camera.   Photography became a huge passion for me.

As time went on, I upgraded cameras and in 2006, finally purchased my first DSLR.  WOW…no more film?  What?  I could take as many photos as I wanted?  A whole new world opened up, but the first lesson it taught me was that I really knew NOTHING about taking photos of people.  My son was born in 2007 and I think I have maybe ONE photo that I’d call reasonably good.  He was not the best subject to learn with, so I begged friends and family and read a LOT. I practiced and ton and continued to grow.  By the time my daughter was born in 2009, I was confident that I wanted a career change and that I wanted to be a family photographer.  I took photos of her every day for the first
30 days after she was born, just so I could become more comfortable taking newborn photos.  In July of 2010, I officially opened my own photography business. I left my “day job” in 2013 and have been a full time photographer ever since.  I LOVE it!

I know that my progress was super slow and I’m hoping that over the next few months, I’ll not only get you started, but well on your way to taking amazing photos that will help tell the stories you have to tell in your scrapbooks.

I’m so excited to have you all join me and can’t wait to watch you grow!



  1. That sounds great! photographing is my hobby too, and I love to learn new skills and improve on that, i recently started taking lessons in it. I cant wait for your tutorials :D and grow in photography

  2. Thanks Farah ! I love to take photos but unfortunately i'm not a good photographer. I'm looking forward your serie with all your tips


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