Friday, September 13, 2013

Every day sentiments | Mscraps

Hi all,

Fall is slowly arriving here, and now i am starting to miss the sunny (hot) days. I totally do not like these weather changes. This kit + add-on is about every day sentiments / emotions, feelings. My life is just like an emotional rollercoaster right now, with lots of happy moments but also some very sad moments. I also feel like happy and sad are two emotions that are so close, when being sad, it makes you look at the happy things, but also appreciate those precious people arround me and the feeling of being blessed by having them in my life. But also remembering the angels so close to my heart like my dad. We should never take things for granted..and enjoy all the beautiful arround us because you never know what happens tomorrow!

All available at Mscraps 30% off untill sept. 19th with the FD sale.

And this add-on is Free with Purchase with Usd 5. Available at Mscraps.
There is a second add-on wich is the Newsletter freebie when you sign up for Mscraps newsletter.

by Joshgirl

by Susanne

by Helen

by Jessica

by Margje
Have a great weekend!
xx Anita

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