Monday, May 3, 2010


Oooh so ashamed.. didn't upload my blog, it was just so hectic over here.. So here a quick update!!

I went on a small weekend trip to visit my mother in a small village near Bremen. It was fun to be there, the kids and we had a great time. We saw some impressive monuments, still get the chills by looking at the pictures i took from them. We visited an U-boot (submarine) bunker from WWII, they told us that a lot of prisoners build it and died in there and were burried in the walls from the bunker. We also took a walk at the forrest near their house and visited a massgrave from about 784 people. It felt so weird being there.. i guess being born in 1977 we just can not imagine how life must have been back in 1943. I hope such things never happen again ! But other than that we had a great time. It's a long drive from here to Bremen, so we were very tired and didnt got much sleep.

As you all probably have noticed.. my stuff is up at Mscraps !! I had applied there a while ago, and when i got the mail.. i was very happy. A new adventure..! It was hard leaving and DSC, because i really enjoyed being there and we had to stop the AMC aswel, wich was also very fun to do each month. But to make up for that I try to do some challenges here on my blog ..Like the Scraplift :-)
So from now on you'll find my stuf at Two Little Pixels and at Mscraps.

It will be very busy here the next couple of days.. have some fun things planned to celebrate my birthday..wich is tomorow, here a quick list of what you can expect lol
  • May 3 - yep today.. a sneak peek with a rak challenge so check back here soon
  • May 4 - a puzzle with great prices
  • May 5 - Coupon party at my Twitter
  • May 6 - Puzzle winner announcing
  • May 7 - Scraplift winner announcing
  • May 8 - Newsletter with an exclusive freebie
xx Anita


  1. Sounds so good, Anita, if you were not so far away I'd bake you a cake for your birthday. This is what I'm really good in. *lol*


  2. OMG ! Anita, your birthday is tomorrow ? High five girl, so is mine !
    A very happy birthday ! And I can't wait for the fun stuff you have planned here. It feels like a little iNSD !

  3. Wow - this all sounds like great fun! Happy birthday for tomorrow!!! Yay! I hope you have a GREAT one!!!

  4. OH ! So here you are.. Happy birthday .. I wish you a happy day!! Kisses Deca


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