Friday, October 9, 2009

Do you remember challenge

Sabrina and I have a little challenge.
All you have to do is tell us your favorite memory and post it at the comment box here at the blog or at Sabrina's blog or both whatever you like...and maybe you are the lucky random winner. Mr. Random is going to choose 2 lucky winners per blog and the prize is our duet kit 'do you remember'!

Don't forget to place your email adress along with your memorie.. or we can't sent you the prize !!

Good luck to everyone!


  1. I don't know my favorite memory...So many trips to grandma's playing with kittens & naming them with my cousin & sister...My brother sister and I making up our own company and using our initials S.E.A. and creating things with paper "to sell"...Plays we put on both at school & home...Lots of memories!

    Anyway, your new kit is gorgeous! I just scrapped one of my first memories with another kit, but was talking with my mom about doing similar kits for my siblings, grandma, & her and this would be perfect to use!!!

    I'm adding it to my wishlist right now :-)

  2. Since green is my favorite color, this kit would be perfect to scrap my favorite memories with! Love the clean lines and color palette!
    And I'd want to scrap my memory of hearing the news that I was pregnant with my oldest childophin.

  3. I remember sneaking into our barn after school to watch three's company. We were not suposed to have a tv, so we got sneaky about it. The best part is My MOm would take us snacks up there every day, and every day she'd pretend she was suprized we were watching t.v! LOL

  4. One of my favorite memory is a classic I think. It was the first hour after my daughter was born. I was alone in the delivery room, getting to know my daughter. It was heavenly.
    My other favorite memory was during my honeymoon to Thailand. There me and my husband made a trip through the jungle. It was so fun!

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  6. Mijn mooiste herinering is vast en zeker de geboortes van mijn dochters maar wat mij ook altijd zal bij blijven is toen ik de eerste maal naar het strand ging met mijn paard t'was zoals in de films, haren in de wind zon die onder ging krijg nog helemaal warm van binnen als ik er aan denk.

    groetjes tamara(folietje

  7. Thank you for this chance to win this wonderful kit Anita & Sabrina! :) I just posted a comment at Sabrina's blog too.

    I have plenty of beautiful memories, but I think the most precious one, the one that makes me cry from happiness, is when my daughter was born... the first time I touched her and I felt her warmth and her softness... that was magical and it made me believe in miracles! :)


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