Saturday, December 1, 2007


Name: Anita
I am proud mom of 3 kids (ages 18-16-11) I can't believe how fast they are growing up !

I love my husband and kids, and I love to hang out with the rest of my family, they are very dear to me.
We have lot's of animals ( a passion from my kids and their dad ), 4 adorable cats Puck Simba Jeyda and Luna, we also have about 5 guinea pigs and 1 rabbit. I have a thing with hamburgers from Mc Donalds.. Don't ask me why but I just LOVE the taste.. I am a Jeans Sweather and sneakers person. My fave colors are mustard yellow, blue and grey and Photoshop is a fave hobby.. Weird but I really have to think about my age when somebody asks, I just can't remember it *selective memory* I guess --  I dislike my birthday (may 4th) It's a memory day for al persons died in WOII so when i should party al flags are half down and church bells are clinging and some moments of silence........I guess it's just NOT my day. My dad died in 2000, we had a lot in common, he is my best friend and I miss him dearly. I cannot watch ARMAGEDDON without crying my eyes out in the end when Bruce Willis saying farewell to his daughter.....I AM A COFFEE ADDICT yes I admit I drink it too much, it makes me a night owl. I love the beach and the sun, but I also like snow... but not the cold. My favorite movies are ''TWILIGHT SAGA'' I have seen them al multiple times !! I also LOVE to travel, have been to London, Sicily, Paris, Vienna and I hope our next stop is Venice or Rome.. I love  to watch discovery channel (it makes me sleepy) My fave things on the TV are.. The BIG BANG Theory, Charmed, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice. I dislike pea soup, allergic to mushrooms and jodium. My fave perfums are ''Purry'' by Kate Perry ''Black XS'' by Paco Robanna and all perfums from Lolita are just perfect too !! When I was a teen, I was a big fan of NKOTB, I still like their music, and went to the concert when they came too Amsterdam. I love the songs from Train, PinK! and Christina Aguilera, Shakira and lot's more. My fave sports are Soccer, Tennis and Fishing. I don't like games, but the few that I do like a zuma and the Sims. I have no clue what elso to write about me.. so if you like to know more about me.. please feel free to ask !!

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